Adwares – A Dangerous Distraction

Adwares posses A Dangerous Distraction.
What is an Adware? Why should we care? Why are adwares considered Malicious? How do we get rid of them?

In this article we will answer the above and discuss Adwares and everything related to it.

What are they?

Adwares, are usually “pop-ups” advertisements and banners displayed to the user while browsing the Web.
Mostly, these ads are personally “tailored” to the user. Basically, you will be shown advertisements that are specially adapted to the content you are exposed to and the websites you browse.


Why should we care?

Easy, how did you think the content was specifically tailored for you?

That’s Because Adwares “Collects” information from us!!!

Indeed, my dear friends, a true information theft is taking place here. We talk about a Computer Virus that collects Data from our devices. And that’s without us confirming it at all! And even if it doesn’t bother you that the ads “suit” you, what if I tell you that’s not all?

There are a lot of consequences for these types of Malwares.

That’s where we get to –

Why are Adwares considered Malicious?

here are several implications to be aware of when dealing with Adwares. After all, we will understand that the mere fact that these are pop ups will not really “harm” us, and that it does seem like a slight distraction.

Well, it’s NOT. It’s considered a Malware after all.

How Adwares could harm us :

  • Time Consuming – Harmless. Still, it’s annoying.
  • Resources – Adwares are results of processes, which basically means that they consume System’s Resources. Affects RAM, CPU, etc.
  • Distracting – Probably the most serious thing that sometimes escapes our attention is the matter of distraction. Often, Attackers abuse the fact that Users are too “busy” dealing and closing ads, not actually minding what they should. That gives them time to perform actions against users.

Example of Adware. Annoying, is it?

How to get rid of Adwares?

Congratulations! Your computer has been infected with Malware that generates pop-ups for you.

What now?

Adwares are often installed against the will and without the knowledge of the user. Which means that you’ll probably won’t even know about it until the ads start popping up. Therefore, the best way to get rid of them is to prevent them in the first place:

  • Don’t Download or Upload to untrusted sites.
  • Check your Task Manager. If there’s an unrecognized activity that requires Processing Power or Network, you’re probably infected.
  • Are you infected? Do not connect to other Devices or Public Network! You may infect others.
  • Use tools that perform scans on your computer files. Such tools can identify such a file and delete it.

The internet is an absolutely scary place. Did you know that Adwares can also be embedded in websites?

That’s where WE come in.

Stay safe, choose Kayran.

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