Blue Team

We’ve talked about The Red Team before, but what about The Blue Team? How is this group different from the red one? Why would we want to use them?

The Blue Team was founded following the establishment of red teams. A red team is a team that finds weaknesses and security holes in the security systems. As a result, blue teams were formed to develop security tools and solutions against the red teams. A blue team is an internal (or external) team in the organization that is responsible for the information security products in the organization. Its role is to monitor intrusion attempts and attacks on the organization and is responsible for the responses in such cases.

What Blue Teams do?

  • Analysis of information systems to ensure security.
  • Identifying security flaws that can be openings for attacks.
  • Verifying and Assessing the effectiveness of the organization’s systems and security tools.
  • Adding/editing the existing security measures after implementing additional things in the system.

Blue Team is responsible for the Incident Response (IR). These are the steps:

  1. Preparation – preparing for attacks.
  2. Identification – identification of potential weaknesses or attacks.
  3. Containment – containment of the attacks and prevention of them “spreading”.
  4. Eradication – make sure that the things that happened will not happen again.
  5. Recovery – recovery and backup of affected systems.
  6. Lessons learned – conclusions we drew as a result of the events. What will we improve? How do we prevent this from happening again?

Blue teams have to enact security measures shielding key assets of the organization. They initiate their defensive plans by identifying the critical important assets. Documenting the importance of these assets to the business and what impact the business will suffer as a result of harming them plays a very major role here.

Remember, a red is often as good as the red team. why?
For example, if the organization’s security is built around the blue team building defenses according to the vulnerabilities the red team has found. If the red team won’t find much, so does the blue team.

Stay safe, choose Kayran.

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