Continuous Scanning and Monitoring – the Why’s

You are given tools, these tools allow you to maintain your house, will you “fix” things when they break only once? or will you keep maintaining your house constantly because the next time you invite friends for a fondue you want it to look and function “superbly”?

Just like that, it’s important to keep on maintaining the Software, Web-app, Program or whatever you’re currently working on, and one of the most important “Maintenance-Tools” is to secure it, just like securing your house with locks and cameras, and, it’s important to do so – Constantly.

The tools we use while Maintaining :

  • Updates – it’s important to keep everything Up-To-Date, whether we want the design to be more “Modern-Like” or the updates are relevant to security, as we know, many attack types and “new” vulnerabilities are being discovered everyday.
  • UI Improvements – it’s important to keep our Application “friendly” and accessible,

making it easier to use, and adds “Attractiveness” which attracts more users.

  • Bug Fixes – we want our App to work smoothly, if problems occur and our App won’t function properly then why bother at all?
  • Monitoring – we can use all the tools above, but it’s very important to keep tracks of how these changes affects the entire functionality of the App and what requires further improvement.

So, why Continuous Security Scan and Monitoring are important ? :

  1. Adapting – as mentioned before, everyday we can discover new ways attackers can harm us, making sure we’re never getting “bored”, it’s an ongoing struggle on a daily basis, we need to “Adapt” to these changes.
  2. Getting Ahead – in contrast to Adapting, we can Proactively discover threats and unexpected changes before attackers do, making sure are prepared in advance.
  3. Real-Time Protection – in the event that the attacker does indeed attack us, by monitoring and Scanning constantly, we allow ourselves to “Catch” these attacks while they are happening.

As we can understand Continuous Security Scan and Monitoring are very important,

“Enhancing” our overall security levels, especially when we understand that the entire Information-Security world changes on a daily (and sometimes even hourly!) basis,

our ways of protecting must be Dynamic

Dynamic System model for Information Security Management

our solutions must be accordingly to the things we deal with.

By choosing Kayran, our tools allow you to schedule scans on a daily and hourly basis, making the process to “run” automatically and finding what’s wrong with your “House” easily!

Keep it Constant my friends, choose Kayran.

What is Kayran

Kayran scanner is helping all businesses, both SMBs and enterprises, to test their online assets and products for over 30,000+ vulnerabilities.Kayran’s mission is to make

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