Cybersecurity – The thinnest security guards you will ever know

I can sit here all day long talking about vulnerabilities, attackers and other scary ways that puts our money and personal data at risk and making us all stay awake at night because the modern world has literally turned to a nightmare.

But, I’m a nice guy, so in this article i will help you to better understand what is Cybersecurity.

Firstly, before talking about the concept let’s divide this enormous, big and scary word, shall we?

As we can understand Cybersecurity is made up of two words :

  1. Cyber – short for Cybernetics, this is a field that revolves around the research of communication procedures, control systems, and the principles of feedback between human and a machine.
  2. Security – just like the our favorite, old and nice security guard in our not-so-favorite bank, the term security means taking something, whether it’s physical or not, and providing some sort of protection “around” it.

As you have already heard, and if not i will tell you a secret, tomorrow’s wars will not be fought with guns and missiles, they’ll be fought with computers!, that’s right folks, the protectors of tomorrow are the people you have probably made fun of in high school (feeling remorseful are we?).

“The heroes of tomorrow”

There’s a reason the age we live in is called “The Information Age”, because it turned into the most important thing someone can posses.

When third-generation computers that still used a punctured card came into use for input and output, actual access to the computer was limited and one of the claims at the time related to the “closure of the system” and the limitation of its use (closed system = higher level of safety).
When the production of “multi-user” and multi-screen computers began for self-use (the PC), the problem of “over-accessibility” and the uses of got computers expanded, hence the risk of the data integrity and the risk of DATA “leaking out” to unauthorized users, and created the possibility that someone can use it for his own evil purposes (insert evil laugh as always).

Cybersecurity is also named “Information-security” (kind of implied does it?).

In the field of Cybersecurity there are 3 main goals we need to do our best to maintain – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, they all form the CIA module, we will talk about him on another article.

“Encrypting our information with a lock”

The field of Cybersecurity and the needs it solves can be quiet a headache, i mean just look at the person who constitutes a threat to us those days –

“Our average, modern villain”

It can be anyone! and since data and information became the greatest, and most valuable assets this field is quiet profitable and created an industry that already hundreds of thousands (at least) work in, and that’s in a couple of years alone!

Just avoid headaches and write everything on a paper right?

As always folks, this is a scary world, and just because you have money, people around you, or even political power does not mean that you are safe anymore, you need help, you need people like Kayran, with the priceless tools our platform provide, we, will help you to better protect yourself and all information valuable to you, ranging from embarrassing photos with your cat to that time you wasn’t sure what’s a “cosplay-convention” is but went anyway.

Stay safe, choose Kayran.

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