Hackers hat shop – The many types of hackers

In our world there are many types of people, people that we trust, those who cannot be trusted, liars, suspicious types, amateur and “Noobs” as we like to call them, professionals and many many more…

Why am i telling you this?

Because, just like the many types of people that exist, we have the many types of Hackers (they’re people too, right?), each with their own Motives, Tools and Purposes, and this time, i want to walk you through it, because just like “slang” exists in our languages, there are many, different phrases you should be familiar with.

Going into the Hackers’ hat shop :

Bad, Doubtful and Good
  • White Hat Hackeralso known as “Ethical Hackers”, from their names we understand that this is something pure and clear of sins, originally, the Hacker profession was invented so that we’ll be able to bypass obstacles in a legitimate way, in order to help others who can’t, and not for our own, selfish reasons, White Hat Hackers main goal is to “Attack” try and ”crack” our system’s line of defense, they get approval for this it beforehand from the correct people.
  • Black Hat Hacker unlike the previous one, this type of hackers is None-Ethical and are attributed as attackers, this is the reason this profession got his infamous reputation these days, they use their knowledge to perform actions for their own, personal motives, whether it is economic, social or just being pure evil for the fun of it.
  • Gray Hat Hackernow that’s a tricky one, this time, the motives of the attacker are seemingly unknown, and his integrity is questionable, he (or she, we don’t rule out) will look for vulnerabilities without proper consent or any other official authorization! Which means, that he seems harmless, maybe the attacker will ask for a small amount of money or a job, but what he did was done without permission, so his true motives must be suspected, it could be an outsider, unknown to the organization, or even David, from accounting (good guy) who suddenly raises these suspicions, even though we know and trust David, this is not his job, and therefore, can lead to “eyebrows being raised”.
  • Script Kiddies kids tend to do mistakes, especially when using something they don’t fully understand or know how to use properly, that’s why the term “Script Kiddies” was invented, this term is meant to describe people with little to none knowledge of “Hacking” and Cybersecurity in general, they usually use tools written and created by others to enact certain action in order to achieve their goals, despite their narrow knowledge of the subjects, they are considered very dangerous, because, in theory, they do not know exactly what they are doing, and their actions can lead to the most devastating results.
Script Kiddies – in a nutshell
  • Cyber Criminalsokay, now we’re talking! Ever seen the series “Mr. Robot”? If not, watch it now! (not an ad, just a good series), similiar to the group of hackers there, we can see groups or organizations called “Cyber Criminals”, we’re talking about a group of sophisticated, resourceful people whose main goal is financial gain, usually hire or train people to enact these actions, and the most common types of these attacks are by using a “Ransomware” softwares.
  • Hacktivista good example of an Hacktivist group is the “Anonymous”, this is a group that acts out of social or political motive in order to advance their agenda, they care about promoting their ideas and interests and not making profits.

So, have you already decided which hat to buy?

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