Red Team

You’ve probably heard that there are teams in the Cyber field called Red Team and Blue Team.

Let’s talk about the red one, shall we?

A red team (aka Red Group) is a group of people whose role is to play the role of the enemy and thus really practice the forces operating in the organization (military, governmental, private or business organization). In contrast, there is the blue team, which is entrusted with the organization’s defense and response to many types of attacks.

The red team consists of a number of information security consultants, who have hands-on experience in a variety of systems and technologies. Including non-technological qualities such as physical access (lock breaking), social engineering and above all – creativity and operational sense. These teams sometimes exist not only as part of external consulting companies. Sometimes, they can also be found as a team that was established internally in the company, in order to carry out the tests.

Why should we hire red teams?

Many companies today turn to Red Team inspections due to the fact that this way the organization can get a reliable picture of the state and level of its information security (and perhaps physical security as well).

When ordering the test, the only factors aware of the test are a small number of people in the organization. We do that because it is essentially guaranteed that the test is not known and that the scenarios that will be used against the organization will reflect the reactions that the relevant factors will respond to in actual real scenarios. In addition, the management is given the opportunity to define the goals for the red team. They focus on their most critical assets and indicate the most sensitive points for them. Should an attacker enter the organization, thus measuring the level of security intended for specific information or a specific system and its resistance to external attackers.

What are the advantages of using a red team?

  • Due to the fact that a red team will often include a scenario of physical access. An attempt to exploit the ideal weakness (humans) by phishing or fabricating phone calls is possible for the organization (Social Engineering). It’s not only to understand where its technical problems are, but to feel and see what might happen to the organization if a malicious party decides to exploit it.
  • Illustrations of reactions to attacks in real time. Since the employees of the company are not aware of this, all the attacks and the reactions to them are well documented as “live” reactions.
  • The red team inspections helps the organization to examine itself and its monitoring and control teams. as well as the systems that have been implemented in it and the need for additional and/or different systems for the benefit of protection, control, monitoring and response.

Stay safe, Choose Kayran.

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