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This function allows you to view all of the details about your server, the plan you’ve purchased, how many targets you have left and more.

Request Syntax


"apiKey": "string"


Request Parameters

Parameters being used in the Request

Parameter Name :


Parameter Usage and Options :

Your Kayran given API Key.

How do I get it ? :

Located in the “Profile” section.

Note : by default, the “API Status” is enabled, unless, the Admin has disabled it in the “Server Settings” section.

Type :


Is it Optional ? :


Successful Response

“Error”: 0,
“Function”: “Client”,
“Data”: “{\”id\”: 123465789, \”token\”: \”String\”, \”license\”: \”Unlimited\”, \”no_targets\”: 0, \”max_targets\”: 99999999, \”companyname\”: \”Name\”, \”ip\”: \”\”, \”crnt_scans\”: 123465789, \”max_scans\”: 12345679, \”active\”: \”true\”, \”domains\”: \”String\”, \”time_reset\”: \”2021-12-23 12:34:56\”, \”email\”: \”Email\”, \”phone\”: \”123456789\”, \”String\”: 123456, \”img\”: \”/String\”, \”img_ext\”: \”png\”, \”Pic1\”: \”True\”}”

Errors and their Possible Causes

For more information, please refer to the General Errors section.