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Route: https://kayran.live/api/ScansAborted

This function allows you to view all scans that were aborted.

Roles Required: Admin and User. Private Users can only fetch Scans they initiated.

Request Syntax

    "apiKey": "string",

Request Parameters

Parameters being used in the Request

Parameter Name :


Parameter Usage and Options :

Your Kayran given API Key.

How do I get it ? :

Located in the “Profile” section.

Note : by default, the “API Status” is enabled, unless, the Admin has disabled it in the “Server Settings” section.

Type :


Is it Optional ? :


Successful Response

    "Error": 0,
    "Function": "ScansAborted",
    "Data": {
        "Count": 1,
        "Tokens": [

Errors and their Possible Causes

For more information, please refer to the General Errors section.