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Route: https://kayran.live/api/GetVulnById

Using this feature will allow you to view a certain Vulnerability.

Note : deleting a certain scan will also delete the vulnerabilities from the database which prevents you from viewing them.

Roles Required: Admin and User. Private Users can only View Vulnerabilities from Scans they created.

Request Syntax

    "apiKey": "String",
    "vulnId": 123456789

Request Parameters

Parameters being used in the Request

Parameter Name :


Parameter Usage and Options :

Your Kayran given API Key.

How do I get it ? :

Located in the “Profile” section.

Note : by default, the “API Status” is enabled, unless, the Admin has disabled it in the “Server Settings” section.

Type :


Is it Optional ? :


Parameter Name :

Parameter Usage and Options :

Id of the requested vulnerability.

How do I get it ? :

By entering the vulnerability page in Kayran, on the address bar, the “id=231231232133”, use the number that appears. You can also use the “GetAllVulns”, “GetVulnsScan” or the “GetScan” functions.

Type :


Is it Optional ? :


Successful Response

    "Error": 0,
    "Function": "GetVulnById",
    "Data": {
        "id": 92456,
        "id_connection": "123456",
        "url": "https://example.com/",
        "action": "https://example.com/",
        "vuln_name": "CSP header not implemented",
        "severity": "Low",
        "request": "GET /...",
        "response": "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\...",
        "key": "https://example.com/",
        "payload": "",
        "method": "GET",
        "params": "",
        "cookies": "None",
        "headers": "Headers({'...",
        "status_code": "123",
        "content_type": "",
        "fixed": "0",
        "token": "String",
        "img": "/",
        "version": "",
        "description": "During the scan, Kayran managed to find ...",
        "recommendation": "...",
        "links": "...",
        "more_details": ""

Errors and their Possible Causes

For more information, please refer to the General Errors section.