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Using Kayran’s API

What is an API?

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

What can you do with Kayran API?

Using Kayran’s API Documentation located here will allow you to Automate many actions the tool perform such as starting a New Scan, fetching all your desired Scans, Projects and many more.

In order to do that, first navigate to the “Profile” section by using the main menu :

Enable your API Key by pressing on “Enable API” :

Soon as you will press the Enable API Button you will receive your API Key:

Now you can use Kayran’s API Client by inserting your Kayran API Key, and, any other Parameters that are needed based on its “Request Syntax” :

As a user with the “Admin” role, you can disable\enable the “API Status” located in the “Server Settings” sub-section :

By disabling it, no user on your server will be able to use Kayran’s API until defined otherwise.

Here’s a link to a Tutorial, further explaining how to use the API with an example.

Notes :

  • Disabling and then Enabling “API Key” will grant you a new Key, meaning that the previous one won’t work anymore (will display “Access Denied”) .
  • Based on the role the user has, he will be restricted from performing certain actions.
  • Try not to share your API key with others.
  • Make sure that the parameters are written exactly as they are documented.
  • Pay attention that there are Parameters that are Optional and others that are Mandatory.