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Using Jira

We offer the option of integrating and using Jira with your Kayran server.

To do so, go to Integration under Manage :

Then, scroll down to the “Create Jira” section and fill in the fields to create a Jira connection :

Server Name – the name of your Jira server. Will appear as: https://”servername“ .

Project Key – navigate to the “Projects” section in your Jira account, from the table being displayed, take the “Key” value of the desired project.

API Key – navigate to and take the API key from there. If there isn’t one, create a new one (Create API token).

Email – the Email address being used in the creation of the API key.

Then, when initiating a New Scan, turn to the Settings tab and choose your Jira Integration:

Below the Create Jira section, you can Delete Jira connections from your server :

After that, to attach a scan to the connection, when initiating a new scan turn to the “Settings” tab and choose your desired Jira Integration :

You can also do that after a Scan has been initiated. Simply navigate to the Settings tab in the Target Details, and change the Change Jira Project :

To learn how to attach scans to a certain Project that has a Jira connection, go here.