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Using Microsoft Teams

Users can integrate in order to share content in their Microsoft Teams channels.

To do so, expand Manage and go to Integration :

Then scroll down to the “Microsoft Teams” window and fill in the required fields :

You can choose which events you want to receive notifications about, choosing “All Notification” means that you will get notified on all events.

Users can also choose the “On Average Threat” option based on the average severity of the vulnerabilities Kayran has detected.

Click on “Set” to save your preferences, and “Unset” to clear and cancel your preferences.

To create and use a Webhook :

  • Open the channel in which you want to add the webhook and select ••• More options from the top navigation bar.
  • Select Connectors from the dropdown menu :

  • Search for Incoming Webhook and select Add.
  • Select Configure, provide a name, and upload an image for your webhook (if necessary) :

  • Copy and save the unique webhook URL present in the dialog window this is the required Webhook URL you will need to enter in Kayran.

The URL maps to the channel and you can use it to send information to Teams. Select Done.

For a page, containing a video and other demonstrations on how to create and use Webhooks, go here :