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A Quick Overview of Kayran

Kayran’s mission is to make penetration testing accessible for all, Individuals, Small and Large companies alike, Kayran web application vulnerability scanner allows you to scan your web assets against a large pool of vulnerabilities, by using powerful automation in order to detect all of the security holes in your digital assets in the most professional, fast, and cost-effective way.

This is our promotional image site located in, if you wish to know some more:

You can schedule a meeting with us and hear some more through “Request a Demo” at the top right of the page:

Top navigation bar:

This is Kayran’s tool main page, known as “Dashboard”:

To your left, is the main menu, each section is divided into several Sections:

You can Add\Manage scans using the “Scans” section, add Projects, watching detected Vulnerabilities and more…

Using “Profile” and “Manage” sections will allow you to Edit and Manage everything from your Name and Password to other Users on your Server (assuming you are an Administrator):

Note: For further explanation about the main menu and Dashboard please refer to Introduction to Kayran’s Dashboard.