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Contacting Kayran

Need to contact us? No problem! there are many ways you can contact Kayran’s team.

Please choose the option that is most convenient for you from the ones listed below.

  1. By clicking the “CONTACT US” button in our website or directly using this link :

Via the Contact us form that is present in the main page on our website:

3. Via this email address : [email protected]

4. Via our social platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook

Facebook :

LinkedIn :

Our customers can contact Kayran directly from Kayran’s UI, first, you will need to login into your Kayran server.

After logging in, please move to the “Tickets” section located on your main menu on the left side of the page as presented in the picture below:

Fill in your information, try to describe the problem in the best and most understandable way (In order for our answer to be effective), our support team will contact you ASAP!