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Introduction to Kayran’s Dashboard

After logging into Kayran’s tool you will be refereed to the tool’s “Home Page” known as the Dashboard :

In here you can view all the vulnerabilities found, sorted by severity level : “High”, “Medium”, “Low” and “Informative”.

The last two scans performed will appear as follows :

The last three findings found will appear as follows :

In the bottom, you can view all the “Targets” indicating the amount of scans performed, and the “Requests” that Kayran performed :

To your left, is the main menu, under the “Scan” section you’ll be able to start a New Scan, view you existing ones, view your Queued Scans, and manage your Scheduled Scans.

On the “Projects” section you are able to view, add and manage your projects , and on the “Vulnerabilities” section you are able to see all the Vulnerabilities Kayran detected from all of your scans :

Under Settings, you can manage your Profile, add\edit Proxies, Login Authentication methods (such as Login Credentials), Report A Problem and Logging-Out :

Under “General Settings” you are able to Manage and add Users on your Server, as well as Managing your Server Settings and use Integration :