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Creating and Setting up Proxy Profiles

When conducting a New Scan\Scans, you have the ability to pick and use your desired Proxy Profile.

To use them in your upcoming Scan\Scans, use the “Proxy” modifier in the “Settings” tab :

First, please navigate to the Proxy Setting screen in the “Proxy” section :

You can download and use our Agent files which allows you to “open” a Proxy on your machine to be used by Kayran to scan your web assets locally.

Or, you can add your desired Proxy manually by filling the fields below accordingly.

Note : please remember to enable the used Port on your Firewall, and, please pay attention to any other notes found in the “Proxy” section.

If you succeeded in doing so, the next line will be added below :

You can also check your Proxy is valid by pressing the CHECKER button :

Note : if a proxy can’t be used, and you use it anyway, the scan will be Aborted.

Make sure to pick and set your Proxy before initiating a new scan :