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How to Associate Scans with Projects

While you conduct a New Scan\Scans, you have the ability to attach your scans to your desired Project, you observe it in the screenshot below :

To create a new project, navigate to the “New Project” sub-section under “Projects”.

Fill in the fields according to your personal preferences :

After pressing the “Create” button you can verify and check the existence of the project by navigating to the “Projects” sub-section under “Projects” :

Choose the project you created using the Settings tab when conducting new scans :

In addition, we’ve added the option of attaching existing scans to projects, to do so, to do this, navigate to the scan’s page, and choose the “Settings” tab :

Then, in the next field, choose your desired project in the next field and click on “Set Project” :

Your scan is now attached to the project :