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Retesting and Comparing Projects

Users can Retest Entire Projects, Creating another Project that perform Scans on all Targets that the original contains.

To do that, go to “Projects” under “Projects” and click the desired Project:

To the right, is a “drop-down” menu, click on “Project Retest“:

A Project, initiating new scans on the Targets that the original contains, will be created:

Users can also Export Report that Compares between the Projects.

To do that, go to the Project Retest that was created as mentioned before, and from its “drop-down” menu click on “Compare Report”:

A Compare Report (CSV) that compares the two projects will be exported.


  • Projects Retests, by default, will use all the Details of the original one (Company Name, Description etc.).
  • Changing Details in Project Retests will not affect the original.
  • Project Retests can also be Retested.