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Introduction to Reports

Once the scan is complete, you can issue a Report,

The Report summarizes the entire scan and provides us with helpful information regarding the Vulnerabilities Kayran detected.

To issue a report, click on your desired scan on the “Scans” sub-section, then, turn to the “Generate Report” tab :

Choose your desired “Report Type”, the available Types are : DOCX, PDF, HTML, CSV, JSON, XML, Executive Summary, Developer Report, Business Impact Report and Blacked Report. Then, click on “Generate Report”.

After generating and opening the report, a few things will be present :

  • Test Summary – summarizing the entire process of the scan, writing the Date, Target, and the average Severity Level of the vulnerabilities found.
  • Information Table – containing details about the scan such as : the Scope, IP, Scan Duration and so on.
  • Findings – a table indicating the number of vulnerabilities according to the level of severity.
  • Findings Table – this table will display the Vulnerabilities and also which ones are marked as Fixed / Not Fixed.

Afterwards, each detection will be presented separately, including the Severity, Method, Key, Payload and so on :

Any Description of vulnerability will appear, as well as the Business Impact and the Recommendation (based on Report Type), which tells how to deal with the vulnerability :

Note : reports might look different from each other, depending on the format you’ve chosen.