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Deleting Scans and Projects

Want to delete a scan?

Here’s how to do it easily :

First, please go over to the “Scans” sub-section located under “Scan” on the main menu –

On the next screen, please highlight the scans you want to delete –

Then, click on “Delete Scans”

You can also Delete scans from the Target’s/Scan’s “Home” page using the “Delete” button on the top right corner :

That’s it!

Your selected scans will be deleted from your Server.

To delete scans from the “Queue” and “Schedule” sections, use the “Delete” button:

If you want to Delete an existing Project :

Go to the “Projects” sub-section under “Projects” –

Then, click on the Red button located under “DELETE” for each of the Projects you wish to remove –

If you wish to also delete the scans that the project contains, highlight those projects in the “RECURSIVE” option, and then, click on “DELETE” :