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Initiating Multiple Targets Scans

Similar to starting a Single Target Scan, simply enable “Targets” and enter your desired “Targets”.

You may also upload an XLSX (Excel) file containing the desired Targets. Make sure each Target is written in it’s own line, and, that they are being “read” as links – Highlighted in blue.
To use it, first Upload it to Storage and then select it from its list.

Important : don’t forget to add a Comma ” , ” between Targets when adding them Manually,

For example : , and so on..

Note 1: adding Multiple Targets at once will place them under the “Queue” section, afterwards, they’ll be transferred to the active Scans section.

Note 2: using Modifiers on Scans that are being initiated using the “Targets” button means that all Scans will use these Modifiers.

Tip from us : we recommend bundling several related scans under one Project.

For more information regarding scans please refer to “Starting a New Scan (Single Target)”.