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Queue Sub-Section

To your left, on the main menu there is a Section named “Queue” under “Scan”, there are two things concerning it :

  1. Based on the Pricing Plan you chose, there are a number of A Scans that will appear on the “Scans” sub-section, the rest will appear on the “Queue” sub-section.
  2. In addition, when we initiate a number of scans simultaneously, they will be stored in the “Queue” sub-section, then, they will be transferred to the “Scans” sub-section.

You can also remove targets from the Queue by marking them and pressing the “Delete” button. By doing so, the scans will be permanently deleted and will not be initiated.

You can also use the Disable function, by marking down your desired scans to be disabled, these scans will not be activated until you Enable them :

“PRIORITY” allows you to change the order of queued scans.

After prioritizing Scans, they will be marked with this icon, which means that it will be initiated first: