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Scans Sub-Section

In your server, all of your scans are located in a sub-section called “Scans”.

To get there, expand “Scan” and then go to “Scans” :

Here, you can view all your existing Scans, as well as their Status, Date, who Initiated them, Vulnerabilities, IPs and Requests :

You can Copy (under TARGET) – the desired target URL.

And, Duplicate – creating a second occurrence of the scan with all its Modifiers.

By marking a scan/s, using the “Drop-down” menu on the top right corner and then clicking on “Delete Scans” the desired Scans will be permanently removed.

You can also “Pause Scans” and “Resume Scans“. Your scans will be temporarily paused and then resumed, based on your needs :

Use “Stop/Start Auto Refresh” to prevent the Scans section from updating its details.

Use “Export All URLs” to export an .xlsx file, listing all Targets.

Marking the square on the top left will mark all the targets located in the current page.

Notes :

  • By marking the top left square only the scans located in the current page will be selected.
  • The “Export URLs” button will export the URLs from all pages.
  • Only scans that are in the “In Progress” status can be Paused.
  • Only scans that are “Paused” can be Resumed.