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Target Details

To get a more in-depth view of your scan, click on the target’s URL (whether it’s in the Scans or inside a Project) :

The following “Home” page will display basic details about the scan.

Details such as the Description, Paths found, Vulnerabilities (inc. a list of them below which are clickable), IP, Completion Percentage and so on :

You can also Add New Vulnerabilities using the “Add New Vulnerability” button.

Users can Delete, Pause and Resume their scans using the action buttons on the top right corner:

Below, by clicking on the ‘‘, you can mark Vulnerabilities as Fixed or not, marking them as FalsePositive, Deleting Vulnerabilities and to Retest Vulnerabilities :

In the “More Information” tab, details such as the Structure of the website (which can be exported using the button), DNS Records and so on, will be displayed :

The “Website Forms” tab will display any Forms that were found

(users can also use the “Export Forms” option to export them)

In case that you use Shodan, its tab will appear, displaying all information provided :

The “Generate Report” tab, which you can use to Generate Reports :

Event Logs” which lists the actions performed in the scan in order. Users can also search through these Logs using the “Filter” bar :

Below, is an option to download a .xlsx file listing all Event Logs :

And, the “Settings” tab, listing more details regarding the scan.

In here you can also attach the scan to a certain Project, add/edit the Description and so on :

If any Files are being used, they will be displayed below :