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Target Details

To get a more in-depth view of your scan, click on the target’s URL (whether it’s in the Scans or inside a Project) :

The following “Home” page will display basic details about the scan.

Details such as the Description, Paths found, Vulnerabilities (inc. a list of them below which are clickable), IP and so on :

Below, by clicking on the ‘‘, you can mark Vulnerabilities as Fixed or not, marking them as FalsePositive and to Retest Vulnerabilities :

In the “More Information” tab, details such as the Structure of the website (which can be exported using the button), DNS Records and so on, will be displayed :

In case that you use Shodan, its tab will appear, displaying all information provided :

The “Generate Report” tab, which you can use to Generate Reports :

Event Logs” which lists the actions performed in the scan in order :

Below, is an option to download a .xlsx file listing all Event Logs :

And, the “Settings” tab, listing more details regarding the scan.

In here you can also attach the scan to a certain Project, add/edit the Description and so on :

If any Files are being used, they will be displayed below :