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Adding Users to your Server

In order to add users to your Kayran server you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. First, navigate to the “Add User” sub-section under “Manage” :

2. Fill in the desired details :

3. You can define roles for the user you’ve just created :

There are several roles that can be defined for users in Kayran system, please make sure to pick the best one for your current situation (if a change is needed, this can also be done later on).

Administrator :

The Administrator role allows the user to :

to view and edit anything on your Kayran server, such as adding\editing\deleting users, initiating\deleting scans, enabling\disabling the option to use Kayran’s API for the entire server, adding Proxies and so on.

User :

The User role allows the user to :

to view all of the past, current, and future scans and conduct or schedule new scans.

Private User :

The Private User role allows the user to :

View only the scans the administrator will allow, Private users can also conduct new scans within his own scope.

Viewer :

The Viewer role allows the user to :

To view and export reports of the Projects the administrator will associate him\her with.

Note : only a user with an “Administrator” role can add users to the server.