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Vulnerabilities Explained

You have the option to watch all the Vulnerabilities Kayran has detected all across your Scans,

on the main menu to your left, simply navigate to the “Vulnerabilities” section :

In here, you can view all the vulnerabilities Kayran has detected in the scans you’ve performed, by default, they are sorted by the time Kayran found them, but you can sort by Severity and the Vulnerability’s name:

You can also view which Vulnerabilities were marked as Fixed/Not Fixed (more details below).

Below, you can browse between the Pages :

Note : removing a scan from the “Scans” sub-section will also remove the vulnerabilities found in this scan.

You can also search for occurrences of a certain vulnerability by using the Search bar above :

After clicking on a certain vulnerability, the vulnerability’s details will be displayed (based on each vulnerability) :

  • Information – General information about the scan.
  • Exploiting – an explanation and the way in which the vulnerability can be exploited.
  • Description – a general explanation of the vulnerability.
  • Business Impact – how it can affect our assets business-wise.
  • Recommendation – recommendation/s to deal with this vulnerability.

In the upper right corner, click the button to Export a Report for this specific Vulnerability :

The Request and Response that led to this vulnerability (if there are), as well as the Resender :

More Details (if there are) and References (links).

Below, a Screenshot will be displayed, showing where the vulnerability was found :

Below (if necessary), is the option to Mark as FalsePositive.

Fixed/Not Fixed

In the Target Details, by clicking on the ” … ” icon, besides Retesting Vulnerabilities, users can also mark Vulnerabilities as Fixed or Not Fixed and marking them as FalsePositive :

Users can also Delete Vulnerabilities from their Scans.

Users can also Delete Vulnerabilities from their Scans using “Delete Vulnerability” :

Fixed/Not Fixed Vulnerabilities will appear on a Target Details, Vulnerabilities Database, and in the Reports (in Findings Table).