What is Kayran

Kayran scanner is helping all businesses, both SMBs and enterprises, to test their online assets and products for over 9000 vulnerabilities.
Kayran’s mission is to make penetration testing accessible for all. Individuals, small and large companies alike.
Backed by professional cyber security experts holding the same vision and offering their services through Kayran.
Let’s make the world safer, together.

Kayran web scanner Dashboad


What truly makes us unique is the power that you have been given your hands. Kayran allows you to map your weakest points in your web assets, align them by their severity and adjust the fixing to the most urgent vulnerabilities.
More than that, Kayran aims to achieve only legitimate exploitable vulnerabilities using the “Monitoring” System, so you won’t waste your time.
We hold more than 15,000 CVE’s, Over 9000 vulnerabilities and etc..


Kayran presents an accurate payload of exploit that was used during our scans, which also includes clear instructions that will allow you to perform the same exploitation by yourselves in order to learn about it better.

Kayran Full exploitation
Full Exploitation

Single Page Application (SPA)

We are proud to say that our web scanner is the only tool that has the option of scanning SPA websites!


We use new methods combined with a powerful automation process to reduce server resources and complete the scan at extremely high speeds.

So what’s the story behind Kayran?

Three years ago, we would do everything manually, Penetration Testing/investigations, and extract information.
To do several things at the same time we needed more manpower and also pay money to a lot of different companies for a number of different tools.
So Sahar Avitan & Eden Zaraf started working on “Kayran”.

Today the tool is able to scan quickly, efficiently, prevent a large number of False positives from other competitors, to exploit vulnerabilities at the highest level.

and most importantly? User-friendly, and goes over every piece of information that exists in assets.
In short, join us.

Browser Exploitation

We know that it’s possible to exploit weaknesses (or vulnerabilities) that exist in anything, from a certain code to the entire application, let’s talk about

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