allow_url_fopen Enabled


This vulnerability was detected using the information from phpinfo() page.
When the “allow_url_fopen” option is enabled, it is possible to retrieve data from remote places such as servers for uploading files (FTP) or websites.
If we add it to poor input filtering, it might lead to possible code injection vulnerabilities.

Based on the application, it is possible that we will be exposed to remote file inclusion vulnerabilities, this may have several different consequences, some examples are :

  • Injection of malicious malwares.
  • Information exposure by granting excessive privileges or permissions to the untrusted sources or functions.
  • Stealing user’s saved session data (Cookies).


Disable the “allow_url_fopen” option, from php.ini or .htaccess :

  • For php.ini : allow_url_fopen = ‘off’
  • For .htaccess : php_flag allow_url_fopen off


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