Apache – CVE-2001-1342


Kayran has detected that the Version of Apache HTTP Server being used is vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) attack through Win32 and OS2 ports. Also known as CVE-2001-1342.

By abusing the Win32 and OS2 ports of your Apache’s version, remote attackers could cause a Denial of Service through GPF.
By crafting an HTTP request for a URI that contains a large number of ‘ / ‘ (slash), or, any other characters.
That may cause certain functions to dereference a null pointer.

It may lead to a decrease in performance and interruptions in the availability of resources.

NULL Pointer Dereference (CWE-476) occurs when the application dereferences a pointer that it expects to be valid, but is actually NULL.


To fix CVE-2001-1342, upgrade the version of Apache HTTP Server being used to 1.3.20.



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