Apache – CVE-2003-0987


Kayran has detected that the version of Apache HTTP Server being used is vulnerable to mod_digest nonce checking. Professionally named CVE-2003-0987.

The mod_digest being used does not properly verify the nonce of a client’s response by using a AuthNonce secret.
This could allow malicious users who are able to “sniff” network traffic to conduct a replay attack against your website by using Digest protection.
Remote attackers could abuse this Information Disclosure to obtain potentially sensitive information, assisting them in initiating attacks.

This will cause a decrease in performance and also for interruptions in the availability of resources.
Also, there’s a chance that this vulnerability will allow attackers to modify system files and information.


To deal with CVE-2003-0987, upgrade the version of Apache HTTP Server being used to 1.3.31 or higher.



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