Apache – CVE-2008-2939


Kayran has detected that the Version of Apache HTTP Server being used is vulnerable to ‘mod_proxy_ftp globbing XSS’.
That’s because of the ‘proxy_ftp.c’ in the ‘mod_proxy_ftp’ or the ‘mod_proxy_ftp.c in the mod_proxy_ftp’ modules.

CVE-2008-2939 is categorized as a ‘Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation (Cross-Site Scripting)’ vulnerability (CWE-79).
Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation occurs when the software does not neutralize or incorrectly neutralizes user-controllable input before it’s placed in output that is used as a web page that is served to other users.

By abusing the Vulnerability in one of the modules, remote attackers can inject arbitrary web script or HTMLs using a wildcard in the last directory component in the pathname in an FTP URI.

This vulnerability could allow attackers to modify system files and information.


To fix CVE-2008-2939, upgrade the version of Apache HTTP Server being used to either 2.2.10 or 2.0.64.




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