Global.asa backup file found


Kayran has detected a ‘Global.asa’ file in your system.
This file is an optional file in which can be used to specify event scripts and declare objects that have session or application scopes.
Global.asa file is (usually) not accessible, since the web servers restrict access to this file.

Categorized as a ‘Insertion of Sensitive Information into Externally-Accessible File or Directory’ vulnerability (CWE-538).
In this category, products place sensitive information into files or directories that are accessible to actors who are allowed to have access to the files, but not to the sensitive information itself.

This backup file may contain sensitive information such as: database credentials and sensitive source code snippets.

Information Disclosure exists, which could assist attackers in performing attacks against your assets.


Make sure that access to the ‘Global.asa’ file is restricted so that only authorized actors can access it.
Or, remove the file from the system entirely.


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