jQuery UI – CVE-2021-41183


Kayran has detected that the version of jQuery UI being used is vulnerable to cross-site scripting.
This can be done by abusing the ” *Text” options.

By accepting the value of the ” *Text” option of the Datepicker widget from untrusted sources, untrusted codes may be executed. Also known as CVE-2021-41183.

An attacker could abuse this to insert and execute commands for his own purposes.


CVSS Version 3.x – 6.1 Medium


To fix CVE-2021-41183, update the jQuery UI version being used to 1.13.0 or higher.
As of now, any string value passed to the ” *Text” option is now being treated as a normal text.

Another option is to not accept the value of the ” *Text” option from any untrusted sources.




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