Linux Version Information Disclosure


It was found that the server provides detailed version information.
This information can be used to check what vulnerabilities that may exist this info can assist in launching targeted attacks.

Bussines Impact

An attacker could use exposed information to exploit specific security vulnerabilities in the identified version, There may be vulnerabilities in certain web server versions that can allow an attacker unauthorized access to the server.


To prevent this vulnerability from happening, make sure that the server displays a generic message and does not reveal sensitive information about the server.

More Details

Information disclosure occurs when a website unintentionally reveals sensitive information to its users.

Information disclosure can occur in various ways for example:

Sensitive information resources or messages that are intentionally made accessible to unauthorized actors.


Exposing the GIT

Let’s start with defining the meaning of GIT. GIT – is an open-source system which we use as a tool to store data and information

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