Vulnerable JavaScript libraries


During the scan, Kayran managed to find the Vulnerable JavaScript libraries vulnerability. One or more of the JavaScript libraries being used in your site might cause your site to be vulnerable in it’s current state, the version of the libraries that are being used are outdated.

Vulnerable JavaScript libraries can be exploited by an attacker to perform damage to the web application. Your site holds one or more JavaScript libraries that are outdated and need to be updated to reduce these risks.

A JavaScript library is a collection of JavaScript functions that are located in one or more scripts. Many of these libraries are open-source which can also present a risk due to low maintenance. These libraries accelerate the development of websites but, can also be used by the attackers, to exploit known JavaScript libraries, it’s always important to make sure that the JavaScript libraries that are being used are up to date.


To prevent this vulnerability from being exploited, make sure that your site uses the most up to date JavaScript libraries instead of older versions.


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